We’ve filed twelve unpaid overtime compensation class action cases against five different UAV companies.
We’ve had the honor of collecting millions of dollars for close to one thousand UAV employees around the country including UAV Field Service Representatives, Field Service Engineers, Pilots, AVO, AVP, Payload Operators, Mission Commanders, Operators, Instructors, Technicians, Mechanics, Trainees, Logisticians and Maintainers.


Recovered from AAI/TEXTRON SYSTEMS in four separate class actions for unpaid overtime compensation
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Recovered $959,969 from NEANY, INC. in three separate unpaid overtime class actions
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Settlement of three overtime class action cases against COMPASS SYSTEMS, INC.
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Settlement of an unpaid overtime class action case against NAVMAR APPLIED SCIENCES CORPORATION
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Back pay for unpaid overtime recovered from BOSH GLOBAL SERVICES
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The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) is the federal law that requires employers to pay time and a half for all hours worked in excess of 40 per workweek. Employees who are classified as exempt are not entitled to overtime compensation. Whereas, employees who are non-exempt are entitled to overtime compensation. Our cases primarily argue that these companies have misclassified the employees as exempt and, as such, have not paid them overtime compensation as required by the law. We file lawsuits to recover those unpaid wages.
Our goal is to make our class members whole for their losses.

The Drone Lawyer Overtime Compensation Practice Group

The Drone Lawyer Overtime Compensation Practice Group focuses solely on issues dealing with wages and overtime compensation for UAV employees.  This practice group has developed a niche within the UAV industry … and is a leader in the legal effort to secure proper overtime compensation and wages for UAV employees across the country.

We know who the UAV companies are, we know how they operate and we’re not afraid to challenge their pay practices.  For years, we’ve fought the UAV companies and have succeeded in collecting significant back pay awards for the hundreds of members in the many class action cases we’ve filed.


Peter Rosenzweig - The Drone Lawyer

Drone Lawyer, Peter Rosenzweig, is the Chair of the Drone Lawyer Overtime Compensation Group.  He’s a 1994 cum laude graduate from the Schreyer Honors College at the Pennsylvania State University (graduated with Distinction and with Honors in Labor and Industrial Relations) and a 1997 cum laude graduate from the University of Miami School of Law.  For nineteen years he’s practiced exclusively in the area of labor and employment law in state and federal courts around the country.  He’s handled numerous overtime cases and wage/hour issues for both employees and employers.

In the last six years, he’s become a resource to and advocate of employees in the UAV community.  He’s developed the reputation as the “go-to” lawyer for UAV employees and has successfully represented hundreds of them in nationwide cases seeking payment for overtime work.

Who We Help


We know the UAV industry.  We know the UAV companies.  We know how these companies pay their employees for CONUS and OCONUS work.

These companies create many mazes to avoid paying proper overtime compensation … we get through them.

If you’re a UAV Field Service Representative, Field Service Engineer, Pilot, AVO, AVP, Payload Operator, Mission Commander, Operator, Instructor, Technician, Mechanic, Trainee, Logistician, Maintainers or other similar UAV employee … we know your work and we’re prepared and ready to speak with you about your current or former work situation.

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